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About Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab, the leading intellectual property specialist guides Web2 / traditional brands as they pursue their NFT and Metaverse activations to become part of the Web3 revolution.

Fomo Lab are bringing an entire DeFi product ecosystem to the market which includes: The Avenue NFT marketplace, FomoVERSE, FomoLAUNCH Pad, FomoSTAKE dAapp and a revolutionary mobile application for NFT collectors; all which will be powered with the $FOMO token.

Fomo Lab are ensuring NFTs are accessible to the masses and ensuring NFT utility, Metaverse applications and Web3 are here to stay.

The Avenue NFT Marketplace

The Avenue NFT marketplace is the designated location where users can create their own social account, connect their wallets and buy, sell and auction NFTs - providing full asset control over the users digital collectables.

The Avenue has implemented the ability for users to stake their NFTs on the platform; allowing users to lock up their NFT(s) and be provided with $FOMO rewards!

NFT staking has not been deployed on many platforms, providing The Avenue with an advantage over other NFT marketplaces. Staking your NFTs have many advantages such as increasing the scarcity of the NFTs in the available to purchase collection and providing APR rewards.

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The Fomo Lab Staking dApp is a multi-chain staking platform that enables users to take their $FOMO token and LP tokens to earn passive rewards in $FOMO.

Staking your $FOMO tokens has never been easier and to be rewarded with up to 32.4% APR on your staked $FOMO.

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The FomoLAUNCH pad is set out to be an integral part of the Fomo Lab ecosystem enabling crypto / NFT / GameFi / Metaverse and DeFI startup projects to conduct their IDOs on the Ethereum network (with further integration of other networks to be completed in due course).

The FomoLAUNCH pad provides one of the core utilities for the $FOMO token - ensuring holders benefits from each of the launches completed and within the participation tiers within the launchpad.

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Fomo Lab Team

The Fomo Lab team is based globally with experienced members in many sectors including Gamification, IP acquisition, Banking, Blockchain, Solidity, Web 3, React, 3D design, Revenue Generation, Technology Development, Partnerships, Logistics, Product Management, Development and Wealth Management

The core team at FOMO Lab consists of 8 members alongside a 20+ development team and external PR team.

Community Lead
Business Operations Manager
Marketing Lead
Graphic Design

Fomo Lab in the Press

“FOMO Lab is truly bringing NFTs to the masses, ensuring that NFT utility, Web3 and Metaverse applications are here to stay.”

9 May, 2022

Fomo Lab in the Press

“Fomolab, a company that develops new ways for content creators to connect with their audience will be creating the tokens and putting the NFT on an exchange.”

Apr 5, 2021

Fomo Lab in the Press

“FOMO Lab, the frontrunning intellectual property specialist, Metaverse architects and leaders in the Web3 revolution; have announced the genesis Mr Bean collection, in collaboration with Banijay, the largest independent content producer and distributor.”

May. 9, 2022

Fomo Lab in the Press

“Innovation seems to be at the core of everything Fomo Lab does, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

Sep 23, 2021

Fomo Lab in the Press

“The FOMO ecosystem is not limited to any single vertical but encompasses and touches every part of the blockchain.”

Apr 29, 2022

Your Questions Answered

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Who is Fomo Lab?

Fomo Lab are spearheading the Web3.0 revolution by bringing to market an all-inclusive DeFi product ecosystem which will be transforming the Web3 space by bringing together digital creators, decentralised systems and Web3 enthusiasts - ensuring NFTs are brought to the masses and that Fomo Lab's ideas are changing culture.

Fomo Lab are always ahead of the curve when it comes to Web3 applications and the purposeful utility embedded within NFTs as seen by the previous historical NFT collaboration with Pvlace of 808 Mafia, Tyson Fury, Mark Cavendish and our recent partnership with Banijay to bring the genesis Mr Bean NFT collection to the masses; Fomo Lab are on the path to victory to bring "NFTs to the masses".

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Where can find more info about the product ecosystem?

Here is the Fomo Lab product ecosystem overview on GitBook

How to stake your $FOMO?

You can follow this step-by-step guide here

How to Add $FOMO to your Metamask? -

Adding your $FOMO is a simple process, follow the steps in the GitBook

How to Buy $FOMO on UniSwap? -

You can follow this step-by-step guide here

What Is the $FOMO Contract address?

$FOMO Token Contract Address: 0xb0cfb062dE74F0410430a37305b878B7ad65903b

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