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About Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab is the leading intellectual property specialist who guides brands as they join the NFT and metaverse space to become part of the web3 revolution. As well as being true innovators in the space, Fomo Lab are bringing an entire DeFi product ecosystem to the market which includes: the FomoVERSE, The Avenue Marketplace, FomoLAUNCH pad, FomoSTAKE dApp and a revolutionary mobile social application for NFT collector; which are all powered with $FOMO token.Fomo Lab are ensuring NFTs are accessible to the masses and ensuring NFT utility, Metaverse applications and Web3 are here to stay



The Avenue NFT marketplace is the designated location where users can create their own social account, connect their wallet and  buy, sell and auction NFTs - providing full asset control over the users digital collectibles. 


The FomoLAUNCH pad is set out to be an integral part of the Fomo Lab ecosystem enabling crypto / NFT / GameFi / Metaverse and DeFI startup projects to conduct their IDOs on the Ethereum network (with further integration of other networks to be completed in due course). The FomoLAUNCH pad provides one of the core utilities for the $FOMO token - ensuring holders benefits from each of the launches completed and within the participation tiers within the launchpad.


The FOMO Metaverse platform will be the revolutionary high fidelity Metaverse with photorealistic graphics and embedded NFT Digital assets. The FomoVERSE will be the first of its kind through partnership with tier 1 brands, IP houses and platforms; revolutionising the way users interact with their favourite brands and each other in the metaverse. The FomoVERSE will house a plethora of platform allowing users to socialise, engage and interact with eachother, platforms include; FomoGAME, FomoEVENT, FomoGALLERY and loads more to be revealed.


The Play and Earn game with the potential to shake the industry... more details coming soon!


Generates yield by staking your Fomo tokens and LP tokens!

Projected Yield (APY)
Coming soon
Max Capacity
10M Fomo


The top secret application for bringing NFTs to the masses.

our mission

The Team:

The Fomo Lab product ecosystem has been built by a team of NFT maximalists who hold a plethora of knowledge in industries and disciplines such as NFTs, wealth management, e-commerce, investing and building traditional start-up companies, cryptocurrency management, marketing, programming, business management, international relations and many other areas that contribute in the creation of a revolutionary platform which will transform the Web3 Space.

our mission

BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN WEB2 & web3 with the worlds biggest brands.

Fomo Lab is bridging the gap between web2 & web3 with innovative products, Incredible partnerships and by activating some of the biggest legacy brands in the world to the web3 landscape.

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